Digital Display

  • I just made a change, but I do not see it.

    If you are making changes, but they are not reflecting on your dashboard, click the refresh button at the top of your screen.

  • How do I edit my displays?

    When looking at the dashboard, select the small computer icon beside that particular school’s name. From there, you can select a time block. There is also a PDF walk through and video below if you would like a refresher.

  • I have had my training, but I am having trouble remembering how to schedule my menus.

    If you need a refresher on how to schedule your menus, please see our video library where we have videos on how to schedule your menus.

  • What are the first things I should check if my display is having an issue?

    • Ensure that the TV is plugged into the power outlet.
    • Make sure all cords are securely plugged in all ports.
    • Make sure that your TV is turned on.
    • If using a remote, make sure that the remote batteries are good.
    • Ensure that the Network cable is plugged into the wall jack*
    • Check the connection if the player has wireless internet.*

  • Why does my screen have a picture of a woman and child?

    This can be caused by the internet connection to the screen. Please have your IT department check the internet connection to this display.

  • Why is MealViewer is showing “No Signal” on the screen?

    If no signal appears on your screen: First, check the input on the display itself. If it does not come up on either HDMI 1 or 2, please check your network connection to this device. The assistance of an IT person may be needed.

  • Why is MealViewer displaying fuzzy or “snowy” picture on the screen?

    Check the display’s input. MealViewer should appear using either HDMI 1 or HDMI 2. This can be changed using the “input” button on your remote.

  • Why is my screen white and blue and say “Device Not Configured.”?

    This can mean there is no internet connection to the display. Please ask IT to confirm that the device does have an internet connection. Once verified, please turn off, then back on, to re-boot.

  • Why is my screen black with text at the bottom that says, “No Content Scheduled.”?

    If this appears on your screen, check your dashboard and verify that a menu is scheduled there. If a menu is scheduled, then call MealViewer to verify the time blocks that your menus should appear. The offi ce number is 803.380.5538 and ask for Customer Experience.

  • Why is my screen black?

    If the screen is black, that could mean the TV or player is turned OFF. Please confi rm that the display is powered on. If it is powered on, but is is still black, please continue to the next possibility.

  • Why is there a small popup in the lower right hand corner that says “no connection”?

    If this small popup appears, this means that this display has lost connection to the internet. Please have your IT check the internet connection to the display.

  • Why is MealViewer showing a red log in screen?

    If your display is showing a red login screen, this means that the display has lost connection to the internet. Please have your IT check the internet connection to the unit.

  • Why is yesterday's menu and date still showing?

    If your display still shows yesterday’s menu or date, we would need the display to be re-started. This would mean un-plugging the screen and re-plugging it back into its power source.