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for schools

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with students and parents.

We can help you drive your sales higher with our cutting-edge digital signage system. The company that brought you the first signage for schools has now reinvented the platform to be the best of its kind. New layouts and designs will keep your students interested. But it doesn’t stop there. Not only will you be able to use our digital signage in cafeterias but all over your schools!


Updated Design & Features

Our new signage has been updated to communicate in the format we are all used to consuming data in our media driven society, making the experience intuitive and compelling.

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A Simple & Versatile Dashboard

Our updated dashboard is the user friendly, intuitive experience you would expect from MealViewer.

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Digital Signage

MealViewer is the only app that provides all of these features.

In-house Translation Services

Food Images on Signage

Show Complete Nutritional Information

MyPlate and Allergy Icons

Custom Menu Filtering

Marketing Messages Directly to Signage

School Announcements Across Entire Platform Instantly

Food Descriptions

Student Ratings and Usage Feedback

One Page Printable menus

Digital Signage


Hosted Solution

MealViewer is a completely hosted solution! That means nothing ever gets installed on district hardware. The menu information is stored on our servers, making us “IT friendly.”

Multiple Users and Partitioned Access

Every staff has the need to let multiple people access programming at multiple levels. Our system lets us add varying levels of access across the board as needed.

Unmatched Value

Along with our industry-first lifetime software license, we provide all other necessary components, such as all of the mounting hardware and A/V cables. Our product specialists handle formatting your menu items and nutritionals and pre-loading any creative content for your displays.

Cost Effective

The MealViewer lifetime software license means you will never have to pay for an update. We are proud to continually adapt for the benefit of your program at no added cost to you.

Boosts Participation and Student Morale

Our unique and customizable media components keep students engaged while standing in line. Upload photos or videos of school events to keep students always looking for something new.

Completely Customizable

Personalize every location by picking from different layout templates and color schemes. You can upload photos, select background images and much more.

Complete Data Setup and Installation

Before the installation even begins, our team is already working to provide you world-class support as we transfer data from your nutri-analyses and POS software. Our professional in-house installation team takes care of installing, connecting, and launching our software at your locations.

Saves You Time

MealViewer has the ability to automate thousands of data points involved in the routine tasks of food services and simplifies them in an easy to use manner.


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