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Our informative and educational 15-20 minute “webisodes” are filmed here at the MealViewer offices. They cover an array of topics but are all focused on being an asset to you as you build your food service programs business functions. We are proud to bring these resources to the industry free of charge. Below is a list of the webisodes and the lengths of each video.


Marketing 101: Basic Marketing Strategy and How to Apply it to School Food Service

Applying the customer lifecycle principle to your communications with students and parents to increase education and communication.

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Using Social Media to Increase Participation

Basic social media strategy for streamlining communication between all social media platforms.

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Understanding “Customer Lifecycle” and How it Effects Your Bottom Line

Every customer has the same lifecycle regardless of the industry. This seminar looks at the customer lifecycle as a whole and how to navigate it and plan accordingly.

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Inspiring Customer Centered Teams

A leader’s #1 job is to inspire their team to be excellent no matter the task. We take a quick look at how to apply real business principles to measure excellence and create customer friendly environments.

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Interactive Waiting: Decreasing the Perceived Wait-Time in Service Lines

The number one complaint with students is the wait time in line. There are tricks and tips to reduce the perceived wait time by entertaining and engaging the student body and taking their mind off the time they spend waiting.

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Summer Preparations for Fall Success

Nothing great ever comes by accident. Having a successful launch of the school year starts months before. We cover 3 key areas of focus in this seminar: Creating a Marketing Plan, Readying Staff, and Prepping Customers.

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Speaking Your Customer’s Language: Communication in a Digital World

In today’s marketplace, the need to have a digital footprint is increasingly important. But school districts can’t just throw together a few social media options and expect great results. We’ll take a look at what social media options are getting used and discuss analog vs. digital communication.

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Do I really need an app? What is it? Where can I get it? What will it cost?

When it comes to the app marketplace there is no shortage of options. This seminar provides a fast paced overview of all the options, including custom app design.

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Getting Feedback is Crucial: 5 Quick Ways to Poll Your Students

There are services available to you to help you poll your students at no cost. We’ll look at three of them that we love.

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Effective Public Speaking

Being an effective public speaker isn’t complicated. It’s not always easy for everyone but you can be a successful public speaker by just following a simple set of rules.

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