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Inspiring Customer Centered Teams

A leader’s #1 job is to inspire their team to be excellent no matter the task. We take a quick look at how to apply real business principles to measure excellence and create customer friendly environments.

Summer Preparations for Fall Success

Nothing great ever comes by accident. Having a successful launch of the school year starts months before. We cover 3 key areas of focus in this seminar: Creating a Marketing Plan, Readying Staff, and Prepping Customers.

Speaking Your Customer’s Language: Communication in a Digital World

In today’s marketplace, the need to have a digital footprint is increasingly important. But school districts can’t just throw together a few social media options and expect great results. We’ll take a look at what social media options are getting used and discuss analog vs. digital communication.

Effective Public Speaking

Being an effective public speaker isn’t complicated. It’s not always easy for everyone but you can be a successful public speaker by just following a simple set of rules.