Golden Lunch Tray Award

Today’s Golden Lunch Tray Award goes to a very deserving Director of the Austin Independent School District, by the name of Anneliese Tanner! In honor of National School Lunch Week, one of her schools (Sanchez Elementary) unveiled their new Whole Kids Foundation salad bar and with an exciting ribbon cutting. They will be opening made-to-order salad bars for all of their Elementary Schools in Austin ISD this year. We loved seeing the kids’ excitement as they helped cut the ribbon and discuss what they were excited to eat for their new healthy lunch.

She is also the recipient of the inaugural School Food Superhero Award from the Whole Kids Foundation for her amazing work integrating the new salad bars into her schools. Incredible job, Anneliese! Thank you for all of your hard work that is so crucial to the health of these students!


Image Source: Austin ISD Twitter