Golden Lunch Tray Award

This Golden Lunch Tray Award is being presented to two people who make a great team! Our first winner is Jen Bernui, the Cafe Manager at Newton-Lee Elementary in Loudon County, VA. Jen found such a fun, creative way to promote National School Lunch Week in her cafeteria! She painted pumpkins with the ever-so-popular “Pokemon” theme and put them on display for the kids this week. We are sure the kids were so excited to see them and we love her desire to go above and beyond with creating a desirable environment in the cafeteria. Beyond her awesome pumpkin painting abilities, she is also a huge proponent of the Farm to School initiative to ensure her students are eating healthy, nutritious meals each week. Great job, Jen!

The second Golden Lunch Tray Award goes to Becky Domokos-Bays. Becky serves as the Director of Louden County Schools and she does such an incredible job leading her teams (proof is in the pudding with her amazing team member, Jen). We are so thankful for people like her and her constant pursuit of providing healthy food for the students and leading amazing employees who create engaging environments. You are an inspiration!


Image Source: Jen Bernui Twitter