Free Websites for School Nutrition Programs

Hi everyone, it’s Tommy Wafford the CEO and Co-Founder of MealViewer. Recently we came across several of our customers that were switching to our service from School Nutrition and Fitness. Why? The answer is simple, our product, along with being easier to use, is just more effective. But one part of the SNAF service they didn’t want to lose was the website that School Nutrition and Fitness provided.

As we talked about their concerns, it became very clear that having a clearly laid out, effective website would be a tool that most all programs could utilize. Secondly, we realized that it would be easy enough for our amazing team of engineers to build that we could probably complete the project in just a matter of days instead of months. In fact, it was so easy to build and reproduce we decided to not even charge for it as a service.

That means, for the first time, school nutrition programs across the nation can get a free professional website with all the bells and whistles whether you are a MealViewer client or not, even if you use someone else’s menu app or digital signage. The layout is complete with links to the payment systems you are already utilizing and if you are using the MealViewer menu app platform the website comes ready to go right out of the box. If you would like more information on how you can utilize this amazing free service feel free to head over to our Contact Page ask for a demo.