Customized Printable PDF’s are here!

In today’s increasingly digital world, the last bastion of paper tradition maybe the good ol’ refrigerator. It is a time honored right of passage to have your accomplishments proudly displayed on the hub of family activity. Whether it is your still wet finger painted Picasso or the biology grade that you studied so hard for, the stainless steel beacon is always standing proudly to connect all family members to the goings on of the others. That’s why it is so critically important to still have the lunch schedule available to hang on the family fridge. While we as a society endeavor to be “greener and greener” waste and paper production is at the forefront of all of our thoughts. MealViewer’s new Printable PDF feature makes it easy to walk the line of being family friendly and eco conscious.

By allowing families to print on demand it reduces dramatically the amount of wasted time and energy created to print thousands of menus to send home with students. It also eliminates the headache of recreating and uploading new pdf’s to the web every time you are forced to make a change. MealViewer’s unique “Print on Demand” feature generates the pdf from the current data set and allows for new pdf’s to be printed if a menu change occurs.

The PDF is customizable with each school logo and colors and custom backgrounds that can be replaced as often as you would like. There are many other industry first features to consider and if you would like a no obligation demo of the product in its entirety, head over to our Contact Page and get in touch.