New Product Features and Improvements!

Monthly Feature Release 
March 2016
Hi!  We are so excited to announce the following FREE software upgrades this month.  As you know, we are the industry leader and the only software provider in the K-12 nutrition industry that provides 100% Free Lifetime software upgrades.

We also have a NEW website.  Please stop in at and say hello.  You can also check out some great resources that are also free!  You will be able to schedule a refresher training course, sign-up for free webinars designed to increase your effectiveness, as well as sign up for our monthly blog that keeps you on the cutting edge of our industry.  Be the first to know and the best you can be with these priceless resources!

This month’s free software upgrades include:
Digital Signage

  • New Layouts
  • Idle Time Layouts
  • Fullscreen YouTube Video
  • Landscape Image, Portrait Image, Text Feed
  • Menu Time Layouts
  • Dual Screen Menus (This layout allows you to show menus from 2 different “Locations”.  Contact if you want more info on utilizing this feature on your displays.
  • New background images
  • New background videos
  • Bug fixes

Digital Suite

  • Features
    • Food Pictures
      • Upload a picture of each food item and it will be visible across the Digital Suite.
      • Management is on the Item popup on the Dashboard
    • Food Descriptions
      • Food descriptions are now visible across the Digital Suite
      • Management is on the Item popup on the Dashboard
    • Custom Allergen Tracking
      • Choose if you want to show allergens on the Digital Suite
      • If you wish to show allergens, you can choose the allergens you wish to track.  The Allergen filter on Desktop will only show which allergens were enabled.
      • Manage your allergens on the “Suite” section on the Dashboard.
    • Custom Nutritional Tracking
      • Choose whether you want to show nutritionals on the Digital Suite
      • If you wish to show nutritionals, you can choose which ones to show.
      • By default, all users will see Calories, Carbs, and Fat if you have provided it.  There are many other options that can be included now.  Once enabled, they will show on the Digital Suite.
      • Manage your nutritionals on the “Suite” section on the Dashboard.
    •  Custom School backgrounds for Mobile Website and Mobile App
      • Choose a background from our library or upload your own image
      • Background will show on the School page
      • Backgrounds can be filtered by “Tag” (examples: #sports, #christmas, #health, etc.)
      • Manage your backgrounds on the “Suite” section on the Dashboard.
    • Announcements
      • Create announcements district-wide or for individual schools.
      • Set start and end times for announcements for more automated control.
      • *Note – This is independent of the signage announcements.  This allows for sending specific announcements to signage and other messages to the Digital Suite users.
      • Manage your Announcements on the “Suite” section on the Dashboard.
    • Custom Links
      • Users can get to other websites that you add.
      • Mobile app users can visit custom links without leaving the app.
      • Manage your Custom Links on the “Suite” section on the Dashboard.
    • Custom School URLs
      • Each school has its own webpage on MealViewer’s website.
      • Find the link for each school on the “Suite” section on the Dashboard.
      • URL’s follow this format –
    • Digital Suite “Apply to other schools” options
      • On the Digital Suite management, quickly select multiple schools to quickly apply settings such as Announcements, Custom Links, etc.
  • Visual Updates
    • Popup for food item on desktop, mobile, and app redesigned
  • Bug fixes
    • Food item popup layout issue fixed on desktop
  • Other Changes
    • Food item “Types” are no longer required.  Items will show on the Digital Suite under a “Type” called “Other” if that item does not have a “Type” and the district has the “Show Item Types” option enabled for Digital Suite
    • Item and Menu table sorting
      • Item and Menus now sort by “Last Modified Date”