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Parents and students have never been more informed. MealViewer Menus are easy to access and even easier to use. Quickly see what’s for lunch, check for allergens, and calculate nutritional values.

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MealViewer has over a dozen powerful features designed to create a better school nutrition experience for parents and students. Head over to the Features page to discover more.

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The screens look great! Thank you for the installation and service. We look forward to utilizing these screens to their fullest potential… As Andrew showed us the back-of-the house technology, I felt like a kid in a candy shop. There’s no other way to say it, these are SO cool!

Meghan Gibbons, RD, LDN, SNS - Director of Nutrition Services

They have extremely fast product support that frankly, I am unaccustomed to. Each school gets its own specialized website and mobile app that mirror each other. The quality of their Apps & ease-of-use for navigating the platform is incredible. I would absolutely recommend this product. We gave MealViewer our menus the week before school started and they did the hard data-entry work and had us up, and running the day school started.

Blake Hefner - I.T. Department, Whitfield County Schools

You have the best, easiest to use product out there. Congrats on the project!

Christine Frole, RD, SNS - Director of Food and Nutrition Services, Township High School

Students are more aware of technology than they are the paper signs and posters that we hang up. They pay more attention to what is served for breakfast or lunch and it speeds the lines — they don’t have to ask or look over all of their options. I like that we can customize it to what we like. Many times when you see products, artwork is very uniform. We have lots of graphics to choose from, as well as, layouts. We can also immediately import or change pictures from school events. Students love to see themselves on our boards. When you have your menu set, you can set it up one time and be done. When you need to make any changes to that menu because of shortages, etc., you can do that very quickly and it communicated to the boards, websites and mobile apps INSTANTLY. I would recommend MealViewer because it is without question a top product, but more than that because the customer service has been excellent. If I have ever needed any assistance, whether it is on the phone with a question or if I needed someone to be here to help on site, Tommy has always been here when needed. MealViewer menu boards look top notch and professional. With paper/laminated signage, you need to replace those often and they aren’t cheap. They are usually the same old products every year with very little or no change. Students of this generation want technologically advanced things. They like colors that pop. They want to see themselves in different places in the schools. It makes them feel like a part of the culture. Students have access to much more now than ever and we have to keep finding ways to draw them into the cafeteria. Digital menu boards and the mobile app infrastructure help to make the cafeteria have a retail food court feel and we all know that students like hanging out at the mall.

Brandy Money - Rome City Schools, GA 
Director of School Nutrition

MealViewer products and services have been a great investment for our program. Parents, students and staff members really appreciate having the menus and nutrition information so accessible. Many of the Principals in our school system have said that the MealViewer products will be a great teaching tool in the classroom to help meet nutrition curriculum requirements and also to help students make meal choices. We are very excited to have the MealViewer products in all our schools!

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