Golden Lunch Tray Award

Our final Golden Lunch Tray Award of the week goes to Food Service Director, Liz Evans, and Northwest Kidder Middle School. Today, they jointly celebrated National School Lunch Week and Breast Cancer Awareness month with pink menu options. How fun! The menu offered sweet and sour or Thai chili chicken on pink rice, roasted red skin potatoes, …read more

Golden Lunch Tray Award

Congratulations to Nutrition Services of Charleston and Walter G. Campbell for being the recipient of our Golden Lunch Tray Award! Walter serves as the Executive Director of Nutrition Services Department in Charleston, SC. We applaud you for weathering through Hurricane Matthew and still celebrating NSLW with “National Take your Parent to Lunch Day.” Looks like you …read more

Golden Lunch Tray Award

Today’s Golden Lunch Tray Award goes to a very deserving Director of the Austin Independent School District, by the name of Anneliese Tanner! In honor of National School Lunch Week, one of her schools (Sanchez Elementary) unveiled their new Whole Kids Foundation salad bar and with an exciting ribbon cutting. They will be opening made-to-order salad bars for all …read more

Golden Lunch Tray Award

This Golden Lunch Tray Award is being presented to two people who make a great team! Our first winner is Jen Bernui, the Cafe Manager at Newton-Lee Elementary in Loudon County, VA. Jen found such a fun, creative way to promote National School Lunch Week in her cafeteria! She painted pumpkins with the ever-so-popular “Pokemon” theme and put them on …read more

Golden Lunch Tray Award

We are so excited to present one of our favorite customers, Donna Martin, with a Golden Lunch Tray Award for her inspiring work with Farm to School at the Let’s Move! event at The White House this month. She spoke about the benefits of offering good, healthy food options for children in schools as well as …read more

Google and Bing Translation Fails

In case you needed more proof of why you should NEVER use a third party translation for your menu programs, check out this funny video one of our developers found. p.s. Thanks Austin for the great catch!

MealViewer’s Multi-lingual Support

One of our core values at MealViewer is “Lead with product, stand out with service.” Sometimes that manifest itself in what we DON’T build. We recently had a request to explain why we have the only true multi-lingual support product on the market, so we made this video to help explain why and how we …read more

How are we different from our competitors?

“You guys just try harder” – When we received that compliment from a school nutrition director in Florida we were honored. That is the highest compliment someone could give us. Because it’s true. We are hyper-focused on our customers. From procurement to installation, training to implementation, one of our team members is assigned to you …read more

Can I Really Afford It?

You know the saying, “If only I had a dollar for every time…” This questions applies. We know cost is a hot topic for our customers, we recognize the budgets you have to stretch every day to provide the best nutrition for the children you are responsible for and we do everything in our power …read more

You Can’t Give It Away!

Hi everyone, this is Tommy Wafford, one of the co-founders of MealViewer. I wanted to take a second and introduce you to Kern Halls. He is an expert at making cafeteria programs more appealing and has a very successful teaching, training and consulting business that can be found here: . He has a ton …read more