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Get a Free Demo

Interested in a demo?

Our friendly staff is standing by to bring a live demo to your door. The informative presentation is completely free and our no-pressure sales approach makes walking through the procurement process a breeze.

Top Quality


Boost Participation

An average increase of 4.5% in participation follows installation of digital signage. Our displays entertain students throughout long lunch lines that normally turn them away.

Simple Editor

Our web-based dashboard is the center of everything you will need to manage menu tasks. MealViewer also combines world-class multimedia that will blow students away!

Cost Effective

MealViewer provides a unique web-based solution that leads the industry, and yet costs nearly 1/3 of average signage systems. You can be sure that you are getting the absolute best value and return for your school nutrition program.

Immediate Updates

Login and make a change from anywhere in the world and see it live in the cafeterias in seconds. This dramatically reduces change time and keeps you USDA compliant.

Complete Data Setup

Long before the install our data team and product specialist are working to provide you world class support as we transfer data from your nutri-analyses and POS software.

Professional Installation

MealViewer turnkey service even provides an in-house installation team for ALL signage applications.

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