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Platforms Are Better Than Products

Products die. They have EOL (End of Life) built into them by design.  That way, companies can come back to you and sell you more stuff.  Everyone has had the moment where the appliance or automobile or cell phone breaks…3 days after the warranty ends.  At MealViewer we think that is a terrible way to insure growth.

Friends, I assure you, there is a better way.

We created the MealViewer 2 Platform to be “product agnostic”.  That means our platform will continue to evolve and grow as you do and be just as powerful, regardless of the delivery method (product) that you use. We are able to do this because we focus on three most important pillars of a successful school nutrition program and build to support those pillars.

The MealViewer 2 Platform focuses on Parent and Student Communication, Student Health, and Program Growth.  By allowing the scope of our platform to embrace all of these areas, we are able to evolve our product offerings in response to an ever changing technological landscape.   That means The MealViewer 2 Platform is pre-equipped to handle EOL situations by phasing in new products to replace dead ones with no added expense to you.  It is by far the single most economical way to ensue the continued success of your program.



When we started MealViewer, Drew and I could never have imagined that MealViewer would grow to the size it has, or have dreamed about the 20+ family members that make up the MealViewer team. We could have only hoped for the incredible work our family produces on a daily basis or the amazing customers/friends we’ve made along the way.

Being part of the School Nutrition Industry has allowed us to make a difference in the lives millions of students and parents all over our nation. We are incredibly grateful for each of you that have had a hand in making that happen. The MealViewer 2 platform is the best thing we have ever produced and is the by far the best tool of it’s kind in the nation. We are incredibly proud of our MealViewer family and proud to serve you, the School Nutrition Industry.
Thank you so much,

Tommy Wafford (CEO Co-founder)



There isn’t enough space on the whole internet to describe how incredible our MealViewer Family is. Each person brings their own personal genius with them to the table each day. It makes being here so fun.

We fight hard to cultivate and protect our family culture here because it produces the very best results for you and makes the tedious work and long hours doable. We our committed to four simple rules; 1) Make it work, then make it better, 2) Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first, 3) Lead with product, stand out with service, and 4) Always deliver more than expected.

It’s our sincere hope that our culture translates into our product and into your program.

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