Summer Meals With MealViewer

We are getting closer and closer to summer, and what does summer mean? A break from school. It’s not all fun and games though! That break from school is coupled with students not going to school and getting the nutritional meals that they do during the school year. However, many school nutrition programs have initiated …read more

Solutions To School Lunch Waste

Schools across the nation serve an average of 30.5 million lunches a day and a huge portion of these lunches end up in the trash can. Food waste has cost the nation’s schools billions of dollars over the past few decades. How can there be so many hungry students but so much waste? As leaders …read more

MealViewer Marketing Materials

If you have ever wondered how you can inform your parents and students of your MealViewer Platform, this is the answer: Marketing Materials. The goal is to provide districts with the materials necessary to market to their audience. We do this by providing not only affordable marketing materials but materials that are relevant, modern and …read more

ADA Compliance Is Here!

In 1990, Title III of the American Disabilities Act was passed requiring places of public accommodation to meet certain accessibility standards for persons with disabilities. With the drastic changes in the world manifested by technology, it was only a matter of time before the same standard was applied across the web. Well, that time has …read more

Be A Hero In Your Schools

To be a hero in your school district is to have MealViewer. We say this so confidently because we have directly witnessed the lives changed from our MealViewer2 platform. As a company built by a nutrition director for nutrition directors, we know what we are talking about. So many students in your own school district …read more

Holiday Tips From MealViewer

The holidays are approaching us quickly, and here at MealViewer we like to be prepared. We have created some festive holiday displays for everyone to enjoy on their digital signage before school gets out. After all, you’ve decorated and are in the holiday spirit, why shouldn’t your digital signage be too? Students will definitely be …read more

Golden Lunch Tray Award

We are so excited to present one of our favorite customers, Donna Martin, with a Golden Lunch Tray Award for her inspiring work with Farm to School at the Let’s Move! event at The White House this month. She spoke about the benefits of offering good, healthy food options for children in schools as well as …read more

Google and Bing Translation Fails

In case you needed more proof of why you should NEVER use a third party translation for your menu programs, check out this funny video one of our developers found. p.s. Thanks Austin for the great catch!

MealViewer’s Multi-lingual Support

One of our core values at MealViewer is “Lead with product, stand out with service.” Sometimes that manifest itself in what we DON’T build. We recently had a request to explain why we have the only true multi-lingual support product on the market, so we made this video to help explain why and how we …read more

Can I Really Afford It?

You know the saying, “If only I had a dollar for every time…” This questions applies. We know cost is a hot topic for our customers, we recognize the budgets you have to stretch every day to provide the best nutrition for the children you are responsible for and we do everything in our power …read more

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