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Student impression of the cafeteria experience is a huge factor in the decision to eat school provided meals. Since cafeteria food follows strict USDA guidelines, it is often the most nutritious meal a student eats all day. Student benefits include:

  • Reduction in the perceived wait time in line.
  • Deliver promotional material directly to students.
  • Direct students to particular menu items
  • Increased sense of community and ownership

Dramatically reduce the time it takes to create and distribute menus to be placed at each cafeteria location. Reduce human error and always have the correct menu items, even when you have to make last minute changes.

Control administrative privileges and allow multiple staff members to access the admin panel to change menus, and alter display properties

Menu grouping allows administrators to change multiple menus simultaneously making the process of scheduling menus much more efficient.

Change one school or one hundred schools simultaneously. ‘’Always Active’’ technology means that you can also manage any location from anywhere with an internet connection.

Capture Attention
Capture Attention

Personalize every location by picking from different layout templates and color schemes. You can upload photos, select background images and much more. There are thousands of theme combinations.

The display artwork can be customized to represent the specific school colors and mascot. The backgrounds can change based on age for elementary schools and include a cast of characters that help promote good nutritional health. Video and weather displays are also available and go even further to make each menu display captivating.

More engaged students are 60% more likely to participate in your cafeteria service. Increased student participation means increased revenues.

Over 30% of the food service industry reports a revenue increase of 1% to 5% after displays are installed. Typically, display units pay for themselves in 7-12 months.

By increasing student participation, schools also benefit from increased Federal funding!

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